Andrew E. Braun

Store Planning, Design, Construction & Project Management


I started my career over 20 years ago on a visual merchandising internship. It was fascinating, and I was hooked. Looking back, I have always enjoyed the process of planning, designing and executing projects based on an initial idea.


Over the course of my career, I have completed countless projects working in a range of positions, which has offered me a broad skill-set and years of industry experience.

I currently serve as Head of Project Management for Ganter Interior, one of the worlds leading shop fitting and fit-out companies. At Ganter, we are a team of project managers and technical designers. From the initial concept, we manage the process to final execution. I enjoy connecting with brands, designers, and architects to collaborate, share ideas and develop solutions.


Prior to this, I spent over 17 years at Hugo Boss, one of the premier fashion companies in the world. Over the course of my tenure, I was responsible for visual merchandising, store planning, real estate and construction. During this time, I developed strategies and processes which allowed us to execute hundreds of projects in multiple business channels worth millions of dollars.


Strategic Planning | Construction Administration | New Store Planning | Millwork Production | Store Design | Visual Merchandising | Collaboration With International Brands | Value Engineering | Concept Development | Web-Based Project Management | Renovation Planning | Schematic Plan Creation | Multi-Channel Store Development; Full Price, Department Store and Outlet




1998 - 2016

Director of Store Planning

Los Angeles, Savannah, New York


2016 - Current

Head of Project Management & Key Accounts

New York


Located in New York, I am responsible for a team of Project Managers and Technical Designers, and in 2016 we completed projects with total sales of over $6.2m. It has been an exciting time at Ganter. We have entered new business fields, and because of my previous experience, had the ability to implement projects not possible before.

After being recruited by Hugo Boss, I moved to Los Angeles where I was responsible for the brand's west coast visual merchandising operation. I then relocated to New York, and transitioned into store planning. My new responsibility was to manage the franchise store expansion in the United States. My visual merchandising expertise made for a natural transition. As the company started to grow so did the business channels. My responsibility expanded to include Real Estate and Construction. Given the expansion of brand growth, Hugo Boss decentralized and the Americas Region established. In my new position, I developed and standardized store planning and construction throughout the region.

Founded in 1995, Ganter is one of the premier shop fitting and fit-out companies in the world. Headquartered in Waldkrich, a small German town in the Black Forest, we employ more than 400 employees worldwide and specialize in retail, commercial and residential projects.

Hugo Boss is a German luxury fashion house founded in 1924 and Headquartered in Metzingen Germany with more than 1,100 company-owned stores worldwide (2016).

1995 - 1998

Head of Visual Merchandising

Seattle, WA


Mario’s of Portland and Seattle is the leading fashion company located in the Pacific Northwest.

Upon arriving from Miami, I received a position as Head of Visual Merchandising – the first in-house visual merchandiser for the company. My responsibilities included hiring and developing a team, interior and window presentations, development and management of department budgets and creating/maintaining the company merchandising standards.


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Andrew E. Braun

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