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Lafayette 148 is an American fashion house and global lifestyle brand headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. The brand launched in 1996, built on the founders' belief that women deserve beautiful clothing created for women's needs. Uncompromising quality, luxurious materials, flawless construction, and a modern New York sensibility are the hallmarks of the collections.


As Head of Store Design and Planning, my role involves all aspects of store planning, design, and construction - from initial site visits, landlord partnership, strategies/tactics, store design, schedule, budget creation, hiring professionals, suppliers, and general contractors to complete the project. 



After the final budget and schedule amendments, I knew that early stakeholder alignment in the design process would be an essential first step, so I went on-site with my CEO, creative team, and head of retail. We collaborated on several design ideas, approaches, and impacts. 


I then started sketching ideas to create a unique on-brand concept, with an underlying approach of using as much of the existing store structure as possible.


I developed 3D models and renderings to further my ideas, created design development drawings, and partnered with my local architect to develop construction documents.


I appointed one of my General Contractors to support me with establishing budgets, value engineering, and building the boutique. 


Integrating 3D modeling and renderings into my workflow has been a game-changer in communicating design intent, ideas, and details. 



There are many ways to approach a project, but this strategy was the ideal solution for Chicago.


My initial on-site meetings/collaboration with critical stakeholders led to an efficient process of aligning design, budgets, and schedules very early, and simultaneously partnering with my contractor allowed me to create budgeting options during the design development phase. The results exceeded all expectations, finished ahead of schedule, and under budget. 


Check out the behind

the scenes video below


From the initial site visit until opening day, check out the photo montage of the project process and transformation. 

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